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Quality Website Design

Quadbox Gaming is a premium "Desktop Style" Ajax based animated website design. This design is perfect for small business websites, IT projects, or it can be used as a fashion site.


Page content is displayed in the windows that you can drag, resize and minimize (and later expand). You can put any content (flash, html, php, iframe etc.) inside the "window". API allows you to open new windows with required size.

Due to the use of Ajax, your users do not need to wait the reloading of entire site. All content pages are loading "on the fly". Smooth and good looking animation and Ajax features of this design are realized with JavaScript jQuery and jQuery UI libraries.

This site comes with animated Slideshow section on the top. To open Slideshow you have to click on the left bottom rectangle on the background image. You can put any content (flash, html, php, iframe, etc) into every slide.

Here are the design features: